Are you ready to speak at a conference?

If you’re reading this there’s a chance you need to speak at a large conference. Yikes!

Don’t panic! Our SPEAK Advanced programme has got you covered.

At Well Prepared Training we believe that when you SPEAK, it’s up to you to make it compelling and engaging to make someone want to listen to you.

SPEAK Advanced

This amazing 2 day programme is designed for people who already have experience and now need to represent an organisation to larger audiences; at conferences or industry events.

For you and your team members if:

  • Have mastered the basics but need to challenge & improve your public speaking abilities
  • Can already deliver great presentations but need to do more in your role
  • Need to build a compelling story or narrative around your messages
  • Engage a large and potentially varied audience
  • Want feedback on how to maintain and use your own personal presence throughout your session
  • Would like practical tips for managing larger scale audience interaction

Click to find out more about the public speaking programme, SPEAK.

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