Are Decisions Made By Consensus, Not Through Clear Ownership And Empowerment?

As a leader, you may see your teams returning to the same discussions, but a decision is rare so there is little change.

Making well-formed decisions requires a structure, to move from discussion and DEBATE, to an outcome.

Our methodology gives you those steps.


From the Zoom room to the board room, barriers to change and growth stop us from innovating. We may find:

  • No one makes difficult decisions
  • People avoid difficult questions to ‘keep the peace’ 
  • Teams don’t provide their leaders with all the information to make informed decisions
As a result, everyone finds themselves going over the same topic again and again, otherwise known as a decision loop. It’s what we get stuck in if we don’t tackle difficult topics, and work through disagreement to arrive at the right decisions.

Teams and leadership thrive when there is clarity on when and how to make decisions. Growth and change starts with a BRAVE decision.

BRAVE Decisions

Our Decide BRAVE principles will help your teams and leadership to create commitment, rather than consensus.  We show you how to take the right route to the outcome, not necessarily the easy or the obvious one.
Once a decision is made, we show you how to act with conviction, and line-up behind the decision.

Improve Business Skills

Our BRAVE Decisions programme offers specific training to improve business skills in the following areas:

  • Coaching Skills
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Facilitating groups and meetings
  • Negotiation skills

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The BRAVE Methodology helps individuals, leaders, and teams overcome communication challenges.

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