Disagreement Doesn't Have To Mean Conflict

Do you feel that you or your team effectively discuss different points of view? Do you need to elevate your discussions to focus on what’s important rather than what’s easy?

Effective disagreement requires structure, discipline, and skill. Without a safe environment for disagreement, we get stuck in decision loops.

We work with you to overcome barriers to growth and change within 90 days.


Are you and your team stuck in the same, repetitive conversations without making progress?

Do you and your team avoid disagreements around certain issues for fear they will become personal and get out of hand? Have previous attempts at conflict management been unsuccessful?

We know that great teams are not afraid of well-formed and differing opinions, instead, they see them as a crucial to their overall performance.

Our Disagree BRAVE principles will help you build true collaboration.  We help you and your team disagree well and debate with purpose, understanding that disagreement does not mean failure.

We teach you how to debate the idea, not the person.
If you’re ready to:
  • Disagree well and debate with purpose
  • Remain objective / impartial
  • Take things seriously rather than personally
  • Take responsibility for their own ideas
  • Be comfortable with a difference of opinion

Improve Business Skills

We offer specific training to improve interpersonal skills in the following areas:

  • Strategic Relationship Management
  • Coaching others
  • Conflict Management
  • Influencing and Assertiveness

BRAVE steps in...

Are you

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Making the first move

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Moving on

Our team meets yours. We work together to start a BRAVE movement in your way.

Take the First BRAVE Step

Do you want to speak and be heard? Do you want to listen and truly understand?

The BRAVE Methodology helps individuals, leaders, and teams overcome communication challenges.

Together, we can remove the fear from disagreement and critical debate, and empower you to speak up and be heard.