We Inspire People To Find Their Purpose And Their Voice

When you find your voice, learn how to speak up, and hold space for well-formed disagreement, it creates better choices and decisions. It creates change.

Our Speak BRAVE Programmes help you present with clarity, harnessing the power and purpose of your voice.

We work with you to know how to use it wisely, and effectively.

Speak BRAVE Programme

Are some things just too hard for you to say to your colleagues, team, or boss? Is it too difficult to raise issues in a meeting?

Maybe you or your key team members shrink from public speaking.

Do you find that certain topics are avoided to ‘keep the peace’?

Speaking with confidence, clarity, and vision is key to better discussions. Groups may find topics challenging to debate as people either do not speak up or do not listen well. Better contributions to discussions lead to well-informed decision-making.

Our SPEAK Programmes drive excellence in the way your team influences people and outcomes. Our programmes help them present with clarity and purpose, harness the power and purpose of their voice, and know how to use it wisely and effectively.

We help you or your team speak so others want to listen. We work on debate, teaching you to take it seriously, not personally..

We guide you to become skilful and purposeful communicators who understand that effective communication is as much about listening as it is about speaking.

How to Speak So Others Want to Hear

Our Speak BRAVE principles will help you and your team speak so others want to hear.

We help you, your team, or your organisation become skilful and purposeful communicators, while understanding that it is as much about what you say as how you listen. We work on:

  • Taking things seriously rather than personally
  • Developing listening skills
  • Discussing without arguing
  • Speaking purposefully
  • Using the right body language

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Improve Business

Alongside the BRAVE programme, we offer specific training to improve business skills.

Without constructive disagreement, you cannot move forward. A lack of challenge and BRAVE conversations means the status quo stays in place. We can support you in the following areas:

  • Negotiation skills
  • Influencing others
  • Decoding communication
  • Train the Trainer
  • Public Speaking

Excel at Public

Public speaking is a vital business skill, yet it is consistently cited as one of people’s biggest fears. These skills are essential for delivering compelling and effective presentations in professional settings.

Our methodology and experience in delivering public speaking training courses will ensure your team can:

  • Deliver compelling and relevant messages
  • Communicate clearly
  • Tell their story effectively
  • Speak so others want to listen
  • Build confidence 
Speak Foundation
Our foundation courses is for people who present information in their day to day roles, such as in meetings or internal team sessions. 

Our advanced course is for people who have public speaking experience, or often represent your organisation to larger audiences, such as conferences or industry events.

Our programmes help you present with clarity and purpose.

BRAVE steps in...

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Take the First BRAVE Step

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The BRAVE Methodology helps individuals, leaders, and teams overcome communication challenges.

Together, we can remove the fear from disagreement and critical debate, and empower you to speak up and be heard.