The Emojis are coming.

Have you noticed the rise of emojis in learning?

They’ve been around for ages, helping us to get across our feelings with funny faces and ROFL but they hadn’t quite transitioned over to learning, until now.

Our visiting friend, COVID19, has helped these cheeky little digital icons make the jump from messaging to webinars. Both Zoom and Teams are now incorporating them as instant indicators of how a learner is enjoying (or not) the session you’re delivering.

They can tell you to slow down, to go back, to speak up and even just give you some love for that last bit of learning.

As a trainer, this is essential when you cannot see everyone’s faces, but it also helps delegates to express their emotions in a scenario that doesn’t feel quite normal yet. 

Instant, visual, engaging feedback.

We’re loving that we get instant, digital and easy to understand feedback at the exact moment a learner feels it. For us, it boosts engagement, keeps us on track and helps the group see when the lightbulb moments are happening. We’re loving this at Well Prepared Training and are incorporating into our chat activities and methods of learning and feedback.

But, the most important question of all, which emoji would you choose? Ours has to be the LOVE emoji…who can resist those hearts for eyes!

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