The Power of Pivoting

The Power of Pivoting: Embracing a BRAVE New Direction

When we decided to add a new dimension to We Are BRAVE we knew it was the right thing to do, but that didn’t mean it didn’t come with a lot of thought!

Those are just some of the questions we pondered before we came to the decision that in life, and in business, the path forward is not always a straight line. Sometimes, the most powerful and transformative decision you can make is to pivot and change direction and embrace new opportunities.

That led us to add in several new streams of business. We added Open Workshops for both businesses and individuals, created a new Individual Readiness Assessment and created our BRAVE journals. Phew…now we need a lie down!

We thought it might make sense to show you why we believe that the power of the pivot is underrated!

Pivoting Opens New Opportunities

Pivoting allows you to explore new avenues and opportunities that might not have been fully visible before. By changing direction, you can discover new passions, hidden talents, and unique possibilities that align with your goals and values.

Pivoting Fosters Resilience

Embracing a pivot requires bravery and adaptability. This process builds resilience, teaching you to handle uncertainty and setbacks. The ability to pivot strengthens your problem-solving skills and prepares you for future challenges. Staying as you are is an option, but a life without change can get very stale.

Pivoting Encourages Growth and Learning

Taking a new direction often involves learning new skills and acquiring fresh knowledge. This continuous learning process keeps you engaged and motivated, fostering both personal and professional growth. It’s a dynamic way to keep evolving in an ever-changing world. We live by these principles and they’ve helped us to embrace the power of the pivot.

Pivoting can Align with Your True Self

Sometimes, your initial path may not reflect our true desires or values. Sometimes we have to go where the money takes us, or the business needs to be. Pivoting allows you an opportunity to realign with what genuinely matters to you. It’s a courageous step towards authenticity, ensuring your actions and goals get another chance to be included in what you do.

Pivoting Enhances Creativity and Innovation

Pivoting definitely pushes you out of your comfort zone (we certainly felt like that for a little while!) It does this by encouraging innovative thinking and creative solutions. By stepping into that unfamiliar territory, you often challenge yourself to think differently and this can help you develop unique approaches to new situations.

Pivoting Can Start with One Step

Pivoting can be intimidating, but it starts with a simple step. Evaluation. By reflecting and acknowledging that any change is a natural part of growth. Assess your current situation, identify where you want to go, and take the first small, yet deliberate step towards your new direction.

Surround yourself with supportive individuals who can offer guidance and encouragement. That one can make or break a pivot!

Remember, the power of pivoting lies in the bravery to take control of your journey. Embrace the change, trust the process, and unlock the potential that comes with every new direction you choose to take.

Sara & Rhi

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