What comes to mind when you hear about Goldilocks?

At We Are BRAVE, bear in mind, (pun intended) that we all are proud learning geeks, so when we think Goldilocks, we imagine something very different to most people.

We think about The Zone of Proximal Development. Yep. Really. We know it sounds like something in a Marvel movie.

Learning happens best in the zone of proximal development. This has been defined as the place where learning is still challenging enough to be interesting, but not too challenging that it becomes overwhelming.  It’s within this strangely named zone that the really good learning occurs the most.

Most humans are a little bit like Goldilocks. They don’t want their porridge too hot or too cold. 

What we’re really looking for, is for our porridge to be ‘just right’.

This leads us to the hook. Just right is also how most people like their learning and development.

Studies have shown that when learning or problem solving begins, our clever computer like brains quickly make a judgement call on what’s about to happen. Either, this is going to be too hard – I should abort, or this is going to be easy – I might get bored, therefore it’s time to check out.

At We Are BRAVE we make sure that our learning hits the ‘zone’ and helps the learner say ‘this is pretty interesting, and feels a little challenging, but I’m curious to know more’

Whether it’s our range of development programmes, our flagship BRAVE product or one of the many other solutions we both develop and deliver for our clients, you can be sure that we’ve applied the Goldilocks Test to make sure your experience is one you won’t forget.

What we can’t promise you is a bowl of porridge. Or 3 bears.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do, and how we can help you then get in touch today to start the conversation.


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