How do you use your power?

I was recently one of the lucky members to be in the audience of a panel discussion at The AllBright.  Hosted at the brilliant members club, the theme was ‘Power’; what it means, when you’ve used your own, how we pay it forward.

The panel were a mix of women from different industries; from one of the UK’s only crane operators to an activist & author who speaks actively against FGM.

One of my favourite moment was in answer to the question: “What’s the most powerful thing you’ve ever done?”

The answer that moved me the most was “I stopped trying to fit into a mould and I stopped accepting the shame of being different.

I decided I was proud to put my name to something I built” That is exactly how I feel right now. Proud to put my name to what we’re building. What we’re building with our BRAVE programme is awesome.   

And you know what?

Knowing the power of that statement felt pretty damn good.

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