Inspirational Speakers. Michelle Obama.

In this series of Well Prepared Training articles we pay homage to the people we admire when it comes to the way they speak in public.

That last sentence probably doesn’t even do them justice. Our choices for these articles have truly found the purpose of their voices and speak so that everyone is listening to them. They inspire. They engage. They create passion. They can evoke tears. They tell compelling, human stories that make you feel something with every word. These are the inspirational speakers that blow our minds.

Our first choice is Michelle Obama. Previously the First Lady of the United States of America and wife and ardent supporter of husband and President, Barack.

Never has anyone in that role spoken to the people as she did. As we now know, not every FLOTUS speaks or communicates like this but Michelle did, and she was truly a professional in every sense of the word.

We had a difficult time choosing the speech that we wanted to write about, because there are so many. A passionate protector of people, she spoke out on the topics that were important and were close to her heart and to her beliefs.

We settled, after much discussion, on the speech that she delivered at the Democratic National Convention in 2012. Now this isn’t about politics for us, we won’t even go there, this is about the way she delivered her speech and used the power of her voice to inspire thousands upon thousands of people both present and watching live at home. It’s an amazing thing to watch or listen to.

There are so many parts of this speech which really moved us, but we especially loved the human elements;, the references to her children and their future, the fact that Barack’s best shoes were a half size too small for him. She made us feel that she was sharing personal information with her friends.

We were in awe of her humour, both outright and tongue in cheek, the confidence as she delivered her messages, the eye contact on a stage being watched by thousands of eyes, the controlled passion when her volume increased and the eloquence of her words as she told a story about why, as Americans, they had to keep working for what was right for the USA. The audience applauded, they cried, they stood and waved because she moved them to. With her words and her voice.

You can watch Michelle in action by clicking this link.

Now we can’t guarantee to make you speak like Michelle, but we can help you become an awesome public speaker through our own SPEAK programme so if we can support you get in touch.

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