How Micro can learning actually go?

Pretty small apparently!

According to some recent research from industry analyst Josh Bersin, the average employee can only allot 1% of their daily schedule to training. That’s only 24 minutes each day!

As technology races along and makes yours, and other peoples lives faster and more productive, it seems like there just wont be time for effective training anymore..? Or will Microlearning save the day?

At Well Prepared Training we think that the way we train and deliver for our clients means we’ll be around for a little while longer yet, but the topic is interesting nonetheless. 

Microlearning is the latest innovation that offers employees small bits of information (usually no more than two to three minutes) that can be immediately be read, watched or digested in some way and then adapted into their working lives. It’s often concise, engaging, almost story like in its style and generally a real life example. What’s not to like?

This could be as simple as a one page document placed on a desk or a short video explaining how to use something within the business. On a training course we might utilise Microlearning by setting a quick time-bound exercise to get the delegates ready for something coming up that we haven’t got enough time to cover in detail. 

Through Microlearning, your people can continuously improve in their work without sacrificing too much of their time each day. If you use TEAMS or Slack you could send a link, an image or even a Meme. You could post a quick video or set a challenge to learn something new in the fastest time. 

When you think about your business, and how your people learn, do you think Microlearning would work for you?

If you think we could help you with this, and any other learning solution then get in touch.

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