The growing need for Soft Skills.

Soft Skills. Hmm. We always thought that sounded a little weird, but you know what we mean, soft skills are the personal attributes, personality traits, the social cues, and ways people communicate that are needed for success on the job. Soft skills generally characterise how a person interacts in their relationships with others. So when you think about it, they’re kind of important.

Technology is evolving the way businesses operate through automation and even artificial intelligence, and this means that the future of work will include jobs that don’t exist at all today. Now for some, this instils a deep sense of panic and makes them think of evil robot overlords taking over and enslaving the human race. That’s unlikely to happen.

As this automated transformation starts, one thing we do know is that soft skills like creativity, agile thinking, adaptability, decision making, communication and collaboration will always stay in high demand. A robot, computer or automated system won’t be able to bring these skills to the workplace (at least not yet!)

One thing to bear in mind, no matter how far you are down the automated technology journey, is that research shows that gaps in soft skills already exist across most businesses and industries and the best way to resolve this is by providing a variety of forms of training.

Research also tells us that soft skills are not learned in one session, instead, to make sure these skills stick and get embedded then your people need multiple training experiences over a longer period to learn and practice them. The future needs a continued focus on soft skills training, and at Well Prepared Training we’ve created comprehensive learning solutions to develop this critical skill set for you.

And right now, we don’t need to plug our trainers in to charge, update their software or worry about malware. Yet.

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