Making BRAVE decisions.

In our daily lives, we’re constantly faced with numerous decisions, big and small. Some choices are straightforward, while others, particularly in business are complex and require careful consideration.

When you’re confronted with your options, it’s crucial to recognise that making the right decision, rather than settling for the first or easiest one, can pave the way for progress and personal growth. As our saying goes, “All progress begins with a brave decision.” Let’s delve a little deeper into why the path to success with BRAVE lies in choosing wisely.

Quality Over Ease

Often, the initial decision that comes to mind seems convenient, requiring little effort or contemplation. However, embracing the first or easiest choice doesn’t guarantee the best outcome. In fact, it may lead to missed opportunities and more work later down the line.

“All progress begins with a brave decision.”

Exploring Alternatives

When we take the time to explore alternatives and consider various perspectives, we open ourselves up to a broader range of possibilities. By examining different options and potential outcomes, we gain a deeper understanding of the situation at hand. This process allows us to make informed choices based on reason and logic, rather than impulsivity or convenience. Giving yourself time, to think about your thinking is a powerful aid in decision making.

Challenging Growth

Choosing the right decision often involves stepping outside your comfort zones and confronting uncertainty. It requires bravery to take the path that might seem unfamiliar or challenging. However, it is precisely these brave decisions that change the game. When we embrace difficult choices, we learn valuable lessons, acquire new skills, and develop a resilience that contributes to our progress in the long run.

Avoiding Regret

The consequences of settling for the first or easiest decision can lead to regret down the line. If you make choices solely for convenience, or to avoid disagreement or conflict, you may find yourself wondering “what if” and wishing you had taken a different path. Regret can really hinder your ability to move forward with a decision and achieve your goal. On the other hand, making the right decision, even if it requires more effort or bravery, can bring us a sense of satisfaction and the bonus is your skill level is also increasing.

What we Think

The art of decision-making lies not in the quick and easy options, but in the courage to make the BRAVE choice. By embracing the unknown, exploring alternatives, and challenging our comfort zones, we unlock the potential for progress and personal growth. By Thinking about your Thinking, Speaking Up and Disagreeing Well you’ll be bale to make not just the right decision, but the BRAVE one.

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